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Our cabin rentals in the desert follow Harmony’s Desert Blogger. She writes of various places to explore, things to do and other activities while visiting Joshua Tree National Park and surrounding Mojave Desert areas. We find her articles to be interesting, informative and well-written.

Desert Spring Flowers

In Harmony with Joshua Tree in Spring

There’s no place like Joshua Tree in the spring. The refreshing cool breeze and the warm sunlight strokes my skin gently. This magically rejuvenates and uplifts my energy, whispering to me—its my most favorite season of the year with bright, beautiful blooms of spring. Showcases, her awesome beauty of nature. Spring’s brings immense joy to all nature lovers.

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However, wildflowers near Joshua Tree can be unpredictable due to the climate. No to mention that some days, she is light and breezy, or she can be cheerfully sunny. Furthermore, she gets moody, and places a damper on your day, (rudely interrupting your plans), by showing up overcast, rainy, damp windy, and cold…more